Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catch Up

Life has been kind of weird the last few months and I haven't been around much. So here is a catch up post in pictures of what we have been up to in no particular order. 

I reached my year anniversary from when I started my health changes. The results are still amazing. I lost weight but an now super active and loving it. I am toning up and working on increasing my strength and flexibility. :)

I planted a garden and it seems to be growing. The cucumbers didn't make it, but the raspberries and tomatoes are rocking it. I planted zucchini, potatoes, and peppers too. 

 We got Roan a kid fishing pole for our future camping trips and he LOVES it and is actually really good and casting and reeling. 

I got a super cute hair cut. I have never gotten more compliments before than this particular cut. I love how easy it is to maintain and how freah and summery it feels. 

Easter Outfit
We made Easter eggs and it was fast and fun but made us miss our CA friends more. 

Roan mostly ate the eggs vs decorating them

Lars has become Mr. Handy with his new truck and always volunteers to help people remove stuff from their yard or any handy stuff around the house for that matter. 

Roan is still has cute as ever and now wheres 2T pants that make him look 5. I can't handle how fast he is growing up. Over the weekend he started talking like real sentences like crazy. 

He went to his first invited birthday party. He did okay. 

This kid loves taking walks but they take forever from all the distractions. 

First popcile
Lars working on his truck at his Dad's house.

More haircuts for everyone

Bath time fun
hot dog

I met up with some of my old Michigan friends. 
Hats are all the rage

Yep we know people. :) Google April Fools jokes LOL
Chocolate Mustaches

Pretty stuff

St Pattys Day Fun at work. 
A bunch of my girlfriends sent each other green boxes and it was probably the coolest thing to have happen. I love my girlfriends. 
Roan being awesome

Fun with one of my girlfriends :)

Love these two so much
First BBQ of the season spread

I love eating. Lars got me restaurant style waffle mix and I recreated a Taco Bell breakfast wrap. Homemade is better. 

The new truck
Roan has been spending a lot of time with his cousins, especially these two. He loves them so so much. 
Puddle splashing

Well that concludes what we have been up to the last few months. Have a happy summer. 


  1. Roan is just so adorable, I love homegrown fruit and veggies

  2. I'm glad you're doing great!

    Roan is growing like a weed!


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