Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom's Night Out

It has been forever since I blogged and I have a post coming later to catch up on life from then to now. In the mean time lets enjoy this "Mother's Day Post" For Mother's Day this year Lars told me to clear my schedule for a particular afternoon. I did so and when the day arrived I suspected we would run off as a family and just do something fun that I have wanted to do all year long like Archery or idoor skydiving or a picnic. Instead he told me to take a drive by mean like a scavanger hunt...Nope...he then gave me money and a movie ticket and said go meet your surpise people here. On the way to the theatre I called a few friends I thought it might be but I knew it was unlikely since they lives in CA. LOL It was worth a shot. However, it was a pleasant suprise to see two of my sister in laws, cousin, and sister waiting at the theatre. It was really funny to hear how each of our husbands broke the news of the suprise to each of us. They were sure super awesome to plan this.

Together we watched the movie, Mom's Night Out. Lars told me to have low expectations and you know what I did and I LOVED it. Probably way more than I should. It was a situational comedy and normally I HATE those. But this one had more realistic story to balance out the crazy situations. At the end it had this really amazing message about God and Mom's and how we shouldn't compare ourselves and should love ourselves for our efforts and let God help us and stuff. It was actually really nice and frankly something I needed to hear that partiular weekend as I was feel less than awesome in my various roles in life. So at the end of movie I totally cried and sniffled and looked around and saw most of us were partaking in the cry baby scene. SO I really recommend seeing the movie "Mom's Night Out" It is a clean, fun, feel good movie. After the movie we went to Sizzler and just gabbbed away the night. Our husbands were together watching the kids and eating pizza.

The next day we ran around town and visited most of our Mom's. It was fun but really busy and I totally crashed when I got home.

I love being a Mom and appreciate the celebration of the day and really love and appreciate the Mom's in my life. :)

This was what we made for our Mom's

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