Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Roan Randoms

Here is a fun post with some of the random happenings with Roan
The weather in Utah has been insanely warm. 
We take advantage of it every weekend and get lots of outside time.  

 Here is a cute pic of Lars sleeping. I love this man!
This is Roan's powdy attitude face. He folds his arms and runs to be alone or he stays in the room for you to listen to his "hmmmpp" noises. We are working through this phase of his three-anger attitude. 

A couple weeks ago Lars replaced the emergency brakes in his truck.
We made a picnic out of it and had dinner outside.  
This is how Roan ate his orange. 
 Sometimes in the morning Roan and I just sit on the counter to eat breakfast. It is fun. 
We went camping a few weeks ago for the first time of the year. It was soooo relaxing and this was the only picture I took the entire trip.  
My little adorable boy in his daycare van with one of the caretakers hats.  
 This boy loves to push shopping carts around more than he loves to ride on the side of one. 
One Sunday afternoon Roan and I relaxed on the porch swing. I love this kid. He insisted I lay down so he could push me on it.  

Roan enjoys watching the oven broiler especially when I am toasting up a pizza.  
 These toy pals are known as "the pets" around the house, Puppy and Cat. They go where Roan goes as much as we allow it and they sleep with him at night. One late night I went to check on Roan and he had given his blanket to his pets so they would be covered up and warm while he was curled in a ball next to them. 

 Just some awesome bubble action

On a side note Roan said he wanted to wear this shirt to march Dad. Lars wears a VANS shirt and Roan always tries to spell it out when he sees it.  
Love this boy!

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