Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mothers Day

Mother's Day this year was so special. Each year is so different yet wonderful. Roan seemed more aware of the holiday and was sweet with his small acts of kindness. While on a walk with him he was picking flowers and putting them in his pocket. He noticed that I knew what he was doing so he came up to me and said, "These are for Mother's Day but since you already saw them you can have them now." I loved it. He was really excited to give me his Mother's Day craft he made at preschool. It was even wrapped in a brown paper bag. :) Throughout the day he was extra cuddly and when I kissed him goodnight he said, "Happy Mother's Day. I love you and hope you had a good day!" I really did buddy. 
Lars got me this fabulous foot bath that heats and massages. I love it. 

Roan had the stomach flu earlier in the week, then I got it the middle part of the week, then Lars got it for the last part of the week. Such is life.  So our weekend was mostly quiet. Sunday everyone was feeling well enough to go visit our own Moms. 
Roan's preschool craft
The gift from primary at church

The gift they made from Daycare. 
The kids woke me up after a long nap.
I love being their Mom. It is hard at times but the good times make the hard times sweeter.
I love this little guy. He is the best!!

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