Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Roan Preschool Graduation/Field Trip

When I became a Mom I vowed to be super involved in all my kids activities because that is the kind of cool Mom I had and that's what I want to be. Roan had a preschool field trip to Wheeler Farm. It was a lot of fun to hang out with just him and see the animals. 

These are some of Roan's creations from preschool

Roan had a end of the year celebration. This was the gift he got for his teacher.
He is so blessed to have so many wonderful grandparents to help him celebrate. 

His class performed various songs for everyone. It was so darling. 

Then they gave them all a book with pictures and other projects from the school year. 
Roan's preschool teacher Ms. Jolynn. She was amazing!! Roan learned a lot and loved learning. He is a thinker and loves exploring new letters and numbers. He can spell his name and do some small math. Our goal for the summer is to teach him our phone numbers. 

Roan is also the tallest kid in his class. :) 

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