Friday, April 28, 2017

CA Trip 2016 Part 3 Camping

This is our 7th year camping with our V-Town/Anaheim friends.
The Barlows, Meurers, Tibbets, Millet, and Christensen's. 
We went to Sly Park, CA area.
It was beautiful and we had the most perfect camp site that fit all 4 families tents and had an amazing view. It was truly mystical looking. 
A fun little hike to a waterfall with this crew.

I went Kayaking for the first time and it was neat. 
These boys!!!! I love them so much!!!

These two were adorable and sweet, like a future husband and wife. LOL

While camping we hiked, played at the beach, played lots of games, and ate lots of food. 

Liv was a trooper

I could not get over how beautiful this place was. 

Everyone wanted to hold Liv

The adults can play too

I just love her. 

Precious Moments

Lars made bread in the dutch oven

Poor Roan had accident while playing baseball with the kids. He was a trooper. 
All the kids played well together. 

I'm telling you this camp site was huge. 

Okay. This CA trip we took was huge. Probably one of the biggest and busiest. We saw lots of cool people and places and we loved it. We were so tired when we got home. I love camping and I love our friends. We cannot wait to play again. 

This was a round trip info from our truck. Our total miles and hours driven the entire trip. Phew!

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