Friday, April 28, 2017

CA Trip 2016 Part 1 Salinas

We had a BIG CA vacation in July 2016 and I am no getting around to posting about it. 
This trip was huge and I loved every minute of it. First we got to stay with our dear friends Aaron and Marly. Our boys grew up together back in the Anaheim days. It was like we never left. The boys got a long and we stayed up late watching movies and getting adult talk time. They really showed us a good time. It was 4th of July weekend and it was busy everywhere we drove. We had to take separate cars but we had walkie talkies to keep in touch while we drove. 

They took us to the farm...

the kids went crazy over the animals. 

These are from our stops on the drive to CA. We played at the Salt Flats. 

The kids did okay in the car, It was a 16 hour drive in the end. Liv was over it and we were happy to have arrived to our destination. 

Oh my gosh these boys were super cute and funny. I loved hearing them talk to each other throughout the entire trip. 
Marly and I did some Cross Fit which was intense!

The weather was so HOT!!!

Then they took us to this fun park that was completely closed off from the world. 

Snuggles with Auntie Marly
Dude this bed was so comfy!!!

We had a PCH tour...

Like I said lots of traffic. 

We had a blast staying with Aaron and Marly. Then it was off to Part 2 of our trip. 

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