Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Celebrations

I love the spring time. My goal this year has been to have fun celebrating all the big and little things with the kids. The week before Easter we played at Grandma Barlow's house.
This is the kids when they were babies and a current pic. 
Liv and Grandma Barlow take their eating seriously. :)
We decorated eggs with the kids. 

We went to an Easter egg hunt at Grandpa Barlow's nursing home. 
The kids had so much fun finding egg and then playing games. 
The weather was so perfect we played outside and had a beautiful photo shoot.

I love this kid

Easter morning the kids got a cute basket with some fun activity toys, a Worlds Finest Chocolate Bunny (my fav), and these darling new Sunday cloths from Grandma and Grandpa Stark. 
I was smart to take pics before church even though we were running late. Within minutes of arriving the headband and necklace were gonners. 

For Easter dinner we had Grandma and Grandpa Madsen over along with Grandma Barlow. The spread was delicious and so amazing!!
Deviled Eggs 
 Carrot Bundt Cake with cream cheese cinnamon frosting 
Artisan bread 
 Glazed Ham
 Mediumish Roast Beef
 Cookies by each of the Grandma's
 Oh my gosh I love eating through my holidays. The kids were cute, the family was fun, and we are so grateful to celebrate our Savior. :)

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