Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bonfire at the Beach

Did I mention I am falling deeply in love with the beach. I have been to the beach here lots of times during the day but not at night. Hooray for friends! They were having a bonfire at Huntington Beach and invited us. It was a blast we had smores and sang songs around the fire. Leighton has a guitar and a Ucayali so he jammed out while some of us sang along. Above all the beach was so beautiful at night. The waves looked like horses racing across the beach and the moon was full. I took pictures but they don't even begin to capture the beaches true beauty.

Me chowing down on the smores! mmm I'm a good cook!

The beach makes you wanna kiss someone

Lars getting in on the modeling action

Angela and I modeling. We are so couture!

We were pretty spontaneous about the whole event and stopped at the store on the way to the beach and couldn't find any roasting sticks so we made some out of new fly swatter's. We were proud of out creation and they worked great.

Leighton and Angela-Such a cute couple!

Leighton and Angela getting soulful on the guitar

Lars messing around on the guitar

The gang-Lars, Leighton and Angela Chun, other folks

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