Sunday, January 31, 2010


I turned 27 on Saturday!

This birthday was awesome! Last year was not as good as this years celebrations. On my 26th birthday my hand was still recovering from being broken a few weeks prior, which made very depressed. Then shortly after my birthday I had an age crisis. I kept thinking about all the things I hadn't done yet and how close I was to 30, which also made me depressed. But at the time I had no idea that what I was going through wasn't so bad. I am totally past all that now and am so much stronger because of it. Funny how life does that. You are having a tough time, but don't realize how okay you really are until after the fact. I look back and laugh.

Anyway, this was a wonderful birthday. I celebrated the entire month. I swear all month I was just on a cloud. Work has been good and its my birthday, hooray! Anytime we went out to eat we announced it was my birthday, I probably gained so much weight this month. I very much appreciate everyone's phone calls, cards, and Facebook comments. They made me so happy. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful thoughtful people in my life. Thank you for thinking of me.

What we did to celebrate the weekend of my birth.... Lars took me to lunch at Gandolfo's. I am so glad we found one in CA and it is about 10 minutes from work. The owner reminded me of an older Ray Romano, a sweet guy with a distinct voice. I was wearing a red shirt and he broke out into "Lady in Red." Which made me think of my brother, Richard, whose birthday was Wednesday. Then my dear coworkers brought in treats and gave me a darling gift bag. I also made a peach cobbler to share. Then we went out to eat with Dave Byrd, Lars brother in law who was in town for work. We went to the cheesecake factory, yum!

I dared Dave to eat a 3 inch pile of whipped cream from the dessert plate.

After dinner we went on a little excursion to get donuts. Not just any donut, a Winchell's donut. On the way there we were stopped in a road block for a DUI check point. It was our first one ever. Kind of exciting. Thankfully Winchell's is open 24 hours. We got donuts because every time Dave comes to visit we have to get the most delicious donuts in town. It is tradition. Then we went home and stayed up late talking and playing video games.

The boys with the donut box.

Seriously good donuts.

Saturday we were up at 6 am to see Dave off to the airport. :( Come back soon Dave and bring your family. Then we went back to sleep for a few hours and got up ran errands, did some shopping (We now own the Glee soundtracks Yippe!). Entertained a few surprise visitors. Then we went to Lucille's Smokehouse for lunch. We have had a lot of Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese food lately so I wanted good old American BBQ food. It was very tasty. Then in the evening we fought LA night life and drove up to Hollywood for a play that Lars surprised me with. He is such a swell guy. (I will blog later about the happenings from the play.) Then we drove home and hung and stuff.

It was an amazing weekend and an awesome month over all. Part of me is sad to see my month end because it has been such a blast. But I am so ready to face life and rock it! Stephanie is older and wiser world so look out. Bring it age 27, lets see what I got in me to give life. (I bet its gonna be a lot of awesomeness and smiles)


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time!!! Wait till 30 actually hits--woa!!!

  2. Happy 27 Stephanie! I'm glad you had such a great celebration :)


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