Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

I love food. I feel like most of the time my life revolves around it. When we went to Utah we had a list of places we wanted to eat that we don't have in California. We went to some of them, but didn't make it to all of them. But I am glad we didn't because we ended up making and getting a lot of home cooked meals. People say there is no place like home. True for the soul and my stomach. I think I am a good cook, but there are somethings that I try to make that my Mom and Grandma make and it is not the same. Below are some samples of great food you can only get in Utah because my Mom lives there or because only these places exist in Utah.

My Mom made this carrot cake and I frosted it. I don't even like carrot cake, but this was good and her frosting is amazing. It is light and tasty, but not too sweet, unlike store brand frosting's that are either heavy or too sweet and nasty. My Mom has been making cakes since before I was born and is very talented at baking and decorating. I know other cake people that are so good and decorating but their cakes taste like sponge. Not my Mom she is the full package.

My Mom, sister, and I made a huge Italian dinner for some friends and family. We made lasagna, salad, french break, and feta thin crust pizza. It was all made with love so it tasted good.

Then there is party food which is both homemade (best cheese ball ever, chocolate fondue with all the right fixings)
and put together by some yummy party food bakers, Free Wheeler Pizza. I seriously wish Food Network would do a special on Free Wheeler pizza, it is so good. The dough is amazing. It is always crisp and full of flavor. Their chicken Alfredo is our favorite. Their garlic rolls are just to die for. Seriously they are so full of olive oil and garlic they will clog you up, but they are good.

Gandolfo's. Love, love, love their breakfast. It is filling and inexpensive. Their breakfast sandwiches have a perfect amount of cheese, meat, egg, butter, and bread: all for $3. And their lunch sandwiches and sides are very good and fresh. I really missed this place but am happy to report there is one about 30 minutes from our home and 10 minutes from work. Trips are currently being planned to eat their soon.
(Eastport-Pastrami Breakfast Sandwich, my fav)

Going to Utah in the cold you don't expect to get ice cream. But who could pass up one from JCW's. I also recommend the brownie fudge shake from Millie's in SLC (2100 S & 10th), but they are family owned and close for two weeks in December, so I missed them ;(
Mint Oreo
Juicy Burgers and some good fry sauce

But one of the best places of all is.....The Judge Cafe in downtown SLC. Everything I have every had from this cafe has been amazing, from their breakfast to lunch (only open until 3 pm). I always recommend this place to anyone flying in from Cali and everyone that has taken this recommendation has not been sorry. Royal is the owner, he is super nice and the food is the best.

Fresh and seasoned fries with 3 special sauces
My absolute fav is their chicken enchiladas served with a fresh Mexican salad and homemade chips and salsa.
No matter what you decide to eat the best thing to end the meal with is their moist, chocolaty, ooey gooey good, infamous Judge Brownie. When I worked in SLC I would have at least 2 on average a week, they are so very good. They taste good and make you happy. I actually bought a few of them to bring home and savor and unfortunately I let 1/4 of one go bad because I took to long to savor, but they are still good even after a few days. If I had only one thing I could eat before I had to die it would be this brownie. Strange you think, wait until you have one.

Utah has good food. California also has good food, but that is for another blog.


  1. What about Los Hermonos? (Not even sure I spelled that right, oh well) Sounds like you had a blast!

  2. I get a ton of Mexican food in Cali. But Los Hermanos is good.

  3. I was going to comment that you didn't go to Cafe Rio! But then I remembered that they just built two in SoCal! So it's not just a Utah trip thing anymore. :)
    Sounds like you guys had a fantastic trip. Can't wait for you to come back up this way.

  4. Me too Christy. I have been itching to go up there. When is the next long weekend? If we can't wait that long we might just have to take a Friday off and come on up.

  5. I think you should post the frosting recipe :) I need a good one that isn't too sweet! Tell Lars Hi :)


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