Friday, August 20, 2010


I went to my first Angel game. It was fun.
The staff found out it was my first game so they gave me a sticker.
We were far away from the game but we had a lot of fun with our ward members and with each other.


  1. That first picture of you and your sticker is adorable. You guys are awesome.

  2. My sweet little, baseball loving grandpa, is one of the ushers there. He is retired and he has always wanted to be an usher for the angels so he would be involved with most of the games. It's pretty sweet, cause after the 3rd or 4th inning he will work us up to some seats closer to the field. He is so dang cute!! I wonder if you saw him???? How fun for you guys. Even if you don't care for baseball, going to an actual game is sooooo much fun!

  3. Oh cute. Maybe we did see it and didn't even know it. Next time we go I will let you know so we can say hi to him.


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