Friday, August 20, 2010

Pomeranian & Me

I am home sick today so I have been watching movies and falling in and out of sleep. One of the movies I watched was Marley and Me. I loved it. It was a fantastic story about the power of animals and life choices of a family mixed in. I cried and I laughed. I loved the ending part when Owen Wilson's character described the love and companionship of his dog and how it had a positive effect on his family. It was a darling show and I recommend it.

Lars and I have been talking about getting a dog for about a year now. I grew up with cats and have never ever considered getting a dog. I never minded dogs, my Grandpa Stark and uncles had a dog and I liked playing with them, but at the end of the day I loved cats. Lars was never a cat person so the likelihood of us getting a dog or a cat were slim because neither of us were willing to compromise (between you and me I have arranged for 2 people to give us a cat as a house warming gift and Lars would consider getting a cat if we couldn't have kids, but I would rather have kids to be honest).

Then we moved to California and have dog sat for our friends and played with their dogs a lot. There is a mall pet store that we visit weekly to look at all the animals and play with. I guess what I am saying is that I am falling in love with dogs, not just any dog though.


A Pomeranian.

I think it would be the perfect dog for our family. It is small, like a cat, and from my research they are smart and interactive dog. Plus it is cute, looks like a lion with all that hair. Now we aren't going to buy today or anything. The idea has gotten more serious as time has gone by. Maybe in the next year or so or for Christmas...we shall see. Until then the trips to the pet store will just have to do.


  1. Pomeranians ARE perfect. Such a fun little dog. Javier is six months now and I'm hoping he keeps his puppyness forever, because he is hilarious! They are yippy, don't let anyone tell you any different. We love ours so much, we want to get another one.

  2. I will know who to call then when we need help with ours. I read somewhere that if you have never trained a dog before then you should start with an adult dog, but I want to know them as a pup and enjoy that part of them too. So we might just do the puppy thing even though we have no idea how to train them at first. I am sure we will go through the same thing with our first kid. Then again maybe not since we are going to go through it with a dog first instead. Hahaha

  3. My grandmother has always owned a few Pomeranians for as long as I've been alive. Just FYI, they only bond with one human at a time. As a result, I personally feel that Pomeranians are just a little snobby.

    However, my grandma's current Pomeranian actually saved her life. Did you see my blog post about that?


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