Friday, March 18, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Today is my Father's, Steven John Stark, birthday and I wanted to dedicate this post to him.
In my younger years, I grew up, knowing that I was a "Mama's Girl". I always wanted to be with my Mom no matter what. One time I even jumped through wet cement to get to her, another story, another time. I am a lot like my Mom. But the older I get the more I see how much of my Dad is in me. Both of my parents are awesome and being the youngest in the family means that I am the best of both my parents (sorry siblings, you all rock too, but I think my belief is true). Because my Dad has always been loving, supportive, involved, spiritual, responsible and funny I turned out pretty darn good. We have a lot more in common than I realize and there are times when my husband points out to me those attributes and habits that I share with my Dad (Don't worry they are all good things ;) and there are a lot)

I love music, Dad used to play the guitar.

I love painting and drawing, Dad is a seriously talented artist. (He is so modest about it though)

My Dad took me to see science fiction and sometimes war movies.

Dad has always been there for me in more ways I can count:

Cheering on the side lines at my softball games.

Teaching me how to play golf in our backyard.

My senior year in Michigan I was in the school musical at a time when Dad's job took him to Utah for 6 months/ So what did he do, he flew back one weekend just to see my Saturday matinée. It was not an easy trip too. He got in late Friday night and flew back to Utah Sunday night just to support me in something I loved. I only remember that performance. The whole show I tried to have smiles and gusto because I knew my Dad was in the audience.
Dad gave me the most wonderful wedding in the world.

Dad is always there to listen and to crack a joke when I need to laugh.

Definitely the more I have grown the more I have appreciated my Dad's thoughts and advice. Dad either says something really smart or cracks a really funny joke.

I am happy to be your "Daddy's Girl"

Dad you are the coolest and I hope you have a fabulous birthday. I love you!


  1. I sure love your Dad too. He is the best. Happy B-Day too. Love ya.

  2. What a sweet tribute to your dad!

    I'm glad he's awesome because you are too!

  3. Your dad is pretty cool! Love uncle Steve. What nice thoughts and memories you have. Cherish all the years you have with your dad, you're lucky to have him.


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