Sunday, March 13, 2011

Man vs. Food

Or should I say Stephanie vs. Food

Saturday, our ward had a YW/YM silent auction/dessert auction/St. Patrick's Day dinner. Lars and I are both youth leaders so we went to show our support. I made a few loafs of lemon pound cake for the dessert auction and also bid on and won some homemade cinnamon rolls and croissants. Lars also had fun at trying to outbid the bishop on a gigantic 2-tiered chocolate cake. Let's just say we won and made a generous donation. But hey its for the youth right?

They had other entertainment and things going on. It was really fun atmosphere and probably the best auction I have ever been too.

During dinner I was asked to participate in an Irish eating contest. I asked what we were going to be eating (I wanted to make sure it wasn't an Irish Fear Factor). They said it was green jello, whipped cream, and lucky charms. Not sure why, but I thought they were going to be separate and I just had to chow down on each one. Boy was I wrong, they had everything mixed together. They gave us a big bowl and told us to have at it. The first one done wins or the person with the most consumed after 5 minutes. The bowls were big so I am glad for the 5 minute rule.

They also tried to entice us by talking up a really cool prize. I love being rewarded and get competitive when there is a prize at stake. So I went to town and put on a show in the process. It was tough because the cereal forced you to chew instead of slurping down the jello. There were a few times I almost lost it and gagged. But in the end I conquered and today's round against food went to man.
My lame but awesome prize was a blue ribbon and a bar of soap that I later tried to auction off, but no one would buy. It was still a good time.
Will this be my last eating contest, probably not. Feel free to watch the video and share any pointers on how to improve for my next competition or just watch it to laugh.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. You totally rocked at that challenge!

    And that cake was yummy. Did you ever find out who made it?


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