Monday, May 30, 2011

Universal Studios is for Lovers

This month Lars and I went to Universal Studio's, just the two of us.
We are annual pass holders and often times when we go we take out of towner's with us, so we usually do what they want to do first. This trip was all about us. We saw everything we hadn't seen yet and things we really loved twice. I can officially say that in only three trips I have done everything at Universal Studios, but I love it so much I am up for doing it again. Our passes don't expire until the end of September so if you would like to go let us know. We get discount tickets and sometimes free tickets because we are pass holders.
Terminator 2
Animal Actor's Show (one of my favorites)
Blues Brothers
Marilyn and I
Do the Bart Man!

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  1. I haven't been since high school. In fact, the last time I went, they had just announced they were going to build the Jurassic Park ride...


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