Monday, May 30, 2011

UVSC (UVU) Theatre Dept. Reunion

A few Saturdays ago some old college friends came into town for something fancy (Disneyland). We met up with them and had lunch at my favorite place, Ruby's Diner. Of course we had to take pictures to document our adventure.

Ruth, Nate, Adam, Allyson, & Me
(Ruth and Nate and also Adam and Allyson met through the theatre department and got married)
so cute!

Then we went to walk around Downtown Disney and they introduced me to a new hobby, trading pins. It was fun. I really wanted to find a Princess Belle pin and when I found one but the little girl did not want to trade with me :(. After a few other trades I did however end up with a Fozzy Bear Muppet's pin which I gotta say was pretty awesome so no complaints here. Maybe soon I will obtain more pins and be able to trade and find my Princess Belle pin. :)

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  1. Hooray for pin trading! Remind me to show you my lanyard one of these days.


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