Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anaheim Stake Girls Camp 2011

Last November when they called me to the Stake Young Women's I knew one of the highlights of the calling would be going to Girls Camp. I have been looking forward to it all year. Let me tell ya it was a blast. The camp was pretty cool, different from my youth, of course to this day I don't think any camp really roughed and lived it up like the Grand Rapids Stake did in my day. This camp had a lot to do and some of the best camp food ever. They had an endless salad bar and nachos. I really liked being a leader. I got to see many good things happen that I never saw as a youth. At times it was frustrating (when the girls wined endlessly about the horrible 3 mile hike or trying to sneak into cabins in the middle of the night only to get caught by the Sleeping Giant Preggo Stephanie). But at the same time it was incredibly rewarding to the see the girls grow, and see when they have been touched by the spirit, and feeling the spirit inside myself grow. We were surrounded by many many tender mercies. I was over the 4th year cabin, we only had 8 girls, but they were the most amazing 8 girls. Plus being in the Stake I got to go around to all the girls cabins at night and sing them goodnight and deliver their mail. All the girls were awesome and I so enjoyed being with them. In a way I got to relive my girls camp days, some of the best and most memorable days ever. I don't know who I would be if not for my girls camp days and I was so glad to be apart of this girls camp and to get to know them more and to just love them.
I loved it and cannot wait to go again.

Please enjoy a slide show of all the fun we had. Just so ya know it is kind of long because there was much fun to be had.

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  1. I was a Cabin Mom a couple of years ago. The experience as an adult is so different from that of being a teenager. I really love Girls' Camp. I think it's a great program.


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