Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheese 1/2 Ink a....

In May we found out that our loving family will be expanding :)
Do you like that i didn't even bother to wipe off the stick before taking a picture :)
Our first doctors visit was on Friday :)
Our baby is the bean looking thing and the round thing is the yolk :)
We got to listen to the heart beat. It was a precious moment that I will never forget :)

If you can't tell we are ALL :)'s.

I wanted to be super creative when we told people that we were expecting. So in reference to the title of this post Click HERE

More awesomeness to come I am sure. :)


  1. ahhh, congrats Steph! I have always thought you would make THE best mom. And I love how you announced it :) Full house 4ever! Can't wait to find out what you're 1/2 ink.

  2. Congratulations again! I'm so excited for you guys!

  3. Congratulations, that is exciting. I am assuming this is your first? Keep us posted with updates on your blog.

  4. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH! That lil fetus is so lucky to have you guys mold it into a kick ass human. PLUS! How cute is the kid going to be? ADORABLE +10!!!
    YEAHHH!!! I am sending you so much love Steph, thank you for sharing this and you know what the next question is... are you going to find out the sex of said tiny human? I have a theory you guys will NOT want to, but I have to ask anyways, I have a blanket to make ya know ;)

  5. I forgot!! I LOVE THE PEE ON THE STICK!!! It is classic you, not worried about HOW the stick looked, just at the wonderful adventure it represents. Never change and make damn sure you raise this kid to be their own personal fabulous'ness, just like Mama and Papa.

  6. Jen N,
    Yep. Its the first. Will keep ya posted.

    Jen B,
    Yes we are gonna find out. We want a healthy kid, but if it is a healthy GIRL that would rock our world all the more. Lars said he had an older sister and loved it so he wants the first to be a girl and the youngest to be anything. How cute is that. :)

  7. this is sooo cool, you'll treasure these pics forever! your little peanut looks precious, and I'm thinking.....girl? that's my gut at least, but we'll see, huh? Brandon told you about his dream, right? That we both had boys? we've got ours, so you never know! You having morning sickness yet? Feel free to ask me any q's you might have, I LOVE talking about pregnancy and childbirth and all that, and feel like I could give you some honest information rather than just trying to scare the hell out of you with a nightmare birth story! LOL! Love you guys!

    PS- any morning sickness yet? its the pits... if you get it I'd ask your doc for a prescription of Zofran- totally safe and works pretty well. Downside: its expensive so if your insurance doesn't cover it you're out a lot of dough....

  8. sorry I asked the same question twice, baby Gabe distracted me by trying to flirt his way out of having to go back to sleep after eating, LOL!


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