Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life and 2 Most Recent Frequently Asked Questions

SO Life has been pretty busy for the last few weeks. Lets bring you all up to speed. In May we found out we were pregnant :) and things have pretty much taken off even more so since then. I always felt that when we decided to take this step in our lives then it would happen in a perfect time for us and it would be awesome and beautiful. After all we are playing against our own deck of cards as everyone else is. So far I feel that the timing couldn't have been better, I really can't complain. A lot of things have fallen into place that is helping us move along. And I know that it is an answer to our prayers. We were waiting for a bigger apartment to become available and it just so happened to come available the week we found out we were expecting. Right time and right price. We jumped at the chance after thoughtful prayer and have since moved into our new apartment. We went from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom townhouse. If any of you have ever been to our old townhouse in SLC, UT then it is pretty much the same, just with no basement and no master bathroom. We love it here and love how this place just swallows up everything we own. It will take me a while to get things settled and decorated. Guess we are in our nesting phase. Now if you come and visit us you will get your own private space and we have air conditioning.

Both our jobs are going pretty darn good. Lars likes what he does and likes the people he works with and has goals that his employer is helping him accomplish. They see the value in him and do their best to reward him. I love my job, sometimes I have to deal with stupid people, sometimes I am acting like the stupid one. But for the most part I like where it is going and feel good about where I have been. For a while my job was really frustrating and stressful and I was unsure I was going to keep with it. But I had an attitude check and roughed it out and I am so glad I did. I have something in the works and as long as I need to work I am hoping that my job will allow me to work from home from time to time after the baby is born. We will see as time gets closer.

Now for the 2 most recent frequently asked questions.
But first...*DISCLAIMER*
*****Going forward when I talk about being pregnant on my blog and all that comes with it please PLEASE don't think I am ever complaining or be offended by what I say. I am a very optimistic person but I will be honest on my blog about what I am truly feeling or thinking. I never liked faking anything or painting a rosey picture. I have vowed never to complain about this experience because: 1) We have waiting for this day for a while now. 2) I read enough books and did enough research to know sort of what to expect. I realize that my body is changing and pregnancy comes with a lot of ups and downs. It can be a roller coaster ride I guess. I knew before committing to this that it was going to be an all or nothing package deal and I am so very fine with that. I am merely sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences here so I can journal this and so my family and friends can follow my life's adventures and participate. All of my family lives out of state and I hope they read this from time to time. My intention has never been to hurt or offend anyone. And I don't know all there is to being pregnant so I am very open to your thoughts, advice, comments, and would love for anyone to be a participant.******


As we have been announcing our pregnancy to our friends and family these have been the two most frequently asked questions.

#1 How are you feeling? Any morning sickness?
I remember when I was younger my Mother told me that she didn't have hardly any morning sickness. So I assumed that because I was her daughter and because I was "Super Stephanie" that I wouldn't either. about week 6 I quickly realized that I was no exception to the rule. Actually the first few times I threw up I thought it was awesome because it gave everything more reality. I remember writing in my journal afterwards and describing what it looked like. Gross I know, but I am silly like that. Then it became an every other day thing. By week 8 it became an everyday thing and I started to recognize my puke, which honestly made eating a large chore. Obviously I have to eat, but deciding what became a big deal. And grocery shopping and opening any fridge became a nightmare. I quickly found my friendly foods, yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cheeze-its. Every week that would change cause I guess my body got used to it and reminded me that tricks won't work. Right now the fan favorite is fruit smoothies, saltines, and soup.
Funny though when I am singing I don't feel as sick. So I try to sing where ever I go. Thankfully I was only sick one day when I was at girls camp. But since I have returned I have been down with a head cold and sore throat that I think came from a combination of throwing up so much that the acid made my throat sore and just having a cold. However, I haven't been sick while I have had the cold so that rocks. Guess I know the cold will be gone when I start to feel nauseous again. EEK! Anyway, I think I am figuring out the balance I need to give my body from being sick. 1) Eat a little bit often and rotate what I eat. 2) If it smells bad then don't eat it. 3)Listen to my body 4) Sleep Sleep Sleep
I read and heard that it gets better by the 2nd trimester which I am only a few weeks away from, currently I am at week 10. I think I can hold out until then. I would like to avoid taking anything for having morning sickness if I can. Guess time will tell.

#2 How does Lars feel and what was his reaction?
Lars is so awesome. He is more enthusiastic than me most of the times, and I am always happy so that is saying something. Which I am so grateful for because his cuteness and attitude strengthens me when I am feeling weird. He is so helpful around the house and lifts me up when I am discouraged because I can't do everything in one day anymore. Plus he is just so fun and I couldn't be more happy that he is so into this.
He makes me smile.

So that's a catch up from us for now.


  1. It makes me so happy to hear you talk about Lars. He sounds wonderful and I hope to meet him someday. I don't know how but...maybe. I'm sorry you're feeling so sick! And you know, no pills for morning sickness work anyway so its probably good that you're staying away from them.

  2. We live blocks away from Disneyland. Next time you go there you have a place to stay. That is one way we will reunite and our families can meet.

  3. I'm so happy for you guys and glad that you're doing all right. You'll let me know if you need anything, right???


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