Friday, October 21, 2011 a good day!

SO as per my previous post it has been a tough week. Last night was another sleepless night. My drive into work just made my more cranky. I swear my car must be invisible because so many people try to hit me all the time. Anyway, I was letting myself feel angry about stuff that was out of my hands which made me more angry that I was choosing to feel this way. But then something awesome happened. My phone had a voicemail pop up. I wasn't going to listen to it for fear that it might be dreaded information regarding work. But I listened to it anyway and to my gladness it was my best friend, Amy D. In the message she told me she loved me and shared a cool memory from high school. I cried I was so happy to hear from her. I immediately called her back and we talked all the way until I got to work. It made me so grateful. Her timing couldn't have been better. I told her that her call made my week and day. She asked me what else I was grateful for and I told her:

1) Two of our other best friends called us last night and shared outstanding news coming up their lives. I cried then too.

2) My brother's wife has been on bed rest for a few weeks now and in an out of the hospital with high blood pressure. I have been praying and thinking about them a lot especially this week. Last night they took her in for an emergency C-section. This morning I woke up to wonderful news that my sister in law and their new baby girl are doing great. I hope and pray they will have a fast recovery so they can all be home as a family together soon. I am an Auntie again to a cute little girl and this made me so happy.

3) For good friends and God's tender mercies and sending these good friends my way when I need them the most.

4) For Lars, he has been a trooper this week. Work and other ongoing things in our lives have been stressful for him as well but he always manages to goof off and make me laugh and smile. I love him so much.

Life is going to be okay. Today will be a good day. I am still going to press forward and make some needed changes in my life. One of them being eliminating things and people that make me mad or give me unnecessary stress. I really just want to surround myself with the people who matter most so I am going to be doing some emotional, physical, and mental house cleaning.

After my awesome phone call this morning these two songs played on the radio. I really liked them and wanted to share them. Guess they contributed to my new sense of "Let's make this great day happen!"

Have a nice Friday ya'll!

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  1. I'm glad Friday was a good day for you. Out of the blue phone calls from friends are so much fun, aren't they??


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