Saturday, September 29, 2012

8 Months

All grown up

& lots of places to go...

Dane just woke up from a nap
Here they both look surprised
Weight: 19 lbs and 8 oz  48%
Length: 29.5 inches  93%
Awesomeness: The Millionth Percentile

8 Months Old and Roan has 8 teeth, one for each month. And YES I am still breast feeding. He pinches every now and then but I only let him hang out there when he is hungry, any longer and he bites.
He has a new laugh or squeal. Almost like he is talking back. When at the park we were playing on a plane that had two seats and two wheels, he kept playing with the wheel then turned to the other kid to squel for a while. He was talking to him. He loves talking to his friend Dane, as soon as they see each other they start gabbing away. One time they were both climbing on me and laughing, I felt like I was the butt of their joke somehow as they would look at me then back at each other and then laugh.
Poor guy was sick for a bit this month with a cold, fever, stuff nose. He hates having his face and nose wiped. But when it is leaking out of him we have to do it.
He also hates having anything on his head. We put hats on him for blankets for fun and he pulls them off and then eats them victoriously. 
He loves mirrors. I feel like I am turning him into a vane kid. Anytime there is a mirror he has to make out with it. He even has a plastic mirror toy and he just loves it. 
Roan loves to climb on people and uses people and short objects like coffee tables and chairs to pull to a standing position. When he gets to the top he laughs and cheers with satisfaction then falls down and does it all over again. Within a few days he went from butt scooting to a worm crawl to one legged crawl. Since reaching this milestone he has begun the process of getting into EVERYTHING. His toys are boring, he wants to touch everything else. I have began rotating between his toys and other objects from around the house. His favorite so far have been plastic hairbrush, cup, ribbon, empty tissue box, and plastic Tupperware. Because he is into everything he requires more constant watching. He loves to be with people. When I am in the kitchen he crawls his way in there to hang out.
He has had his first of many falls to come I am sure. He has bonked his head and came away with some minor bruising and has made his lip bleed once. He looks like he is in baby fight club. It is how they learn.
He can sit up from his tummy. He swings his legs around to the front and sits up. He is still working on ab crunches to she can sit up from his back.
(No we did not drive with him sitting in the front seat, we were only having fun with pictures)

Roan east like a champ and he is pick up stuff with his fingers. There have been a few mixtures of veggies that I have made that he hasn't liked. I am now making some food but still doing the store bought food out of convenience. He does however try to eat things he should not, like carpet. He has nearly choked twice on carpet as he will put anything in his mouth and yank on it with his teeth. He makes it known when he does not want to eat anymore or he doesn't like it. He will shake his head, close his mouth, or spit the food out, and even grab the spoon and push it away.
Roan Likes:
Eating carpet
His friend Dane
Rough housing with Dad
Roan dislikes:
Having his face wiped
Crazy food mommy makes

People are saying:
SO cute
He is so happy
Oh those eyes
Pretending to be super heroes 

As for me all is well....I am excited to have a few weeks in between jobs so I can play with my boy. I am in therapy and it is helping me deal with the PPD. I have good days and bad days still. We are counting our blessings on the very bad days. 


  1. I love the picture of Roan on his side on the floor. So funny! It has been such a fun 8 months. I love you Roan!

  2. You guys are great. And I can't believe he has 8 teeth! Lydia still only has her two bottom front teeth. I'm in no hurry for the others.

    Loved the superhero picts.


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