Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Bunny Tail

A long time ago (last night actually)
In a land far far away.....
Lives a bunny, Bruce Wayne, and his owner Karen
Karen was beloved by many and this was her first bunny so naturally her friends threw her a party to celebrate the newest addition to her family.
Not just any party...
 A Bunny Shower (like a baby shower, but for bunnies...duh) 
 We decorated and prepared food and gifts
 The children patiently waited...
 Not all children like surprises :(
But everyone else gathered with glee to honor the bunny and Karen happily 
Such a beautiful bunny
 And owner too.
 Bruce Wayne strutting his new outfit. 
And thus tells the tail of the Bunny Bruce Wayne and his owner Karen who are beloved by all.


Say What?