Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holiday Shin Digs

I waited to long to blog about what we did over Christmas so I am going to smash it together with New Years. I didn't have to work on Christmas Eve so that meant a fun day with the this awesome little boy. 
We ran a few last minute shopping errands and then went to Arby's for lunch. 

This was the first time I got one of the car carts. Those things are huge, I felt like I was driving a bus and taking up all the space in the aisles, especially when turning. 
After Lars got home from work we thought it would be fun to go out and get ice cream. Nothing was opened except for Chinese restaurants so we ended up back at the grocery store to pick up some. After Roan went to bed Lars and I spent the next hour wrapping gifts. It was so much fun. Then we ate ice cream and watched a movie. We went to bed late but I was too excited to sleep. I couldn't wait to see Roans reactions to all the cool stuff we got him. Plus I couldn't wait to hang out with our families. 

Christmas morning we woke up and Roan was doing the running man in his crib. We took some pictures of him in front of the tree, we lost all these pics because the memory card on our camera died. Thank goodness for camera phones I guess. 
Lars and I decided to get each other silly gifts rather than spending a lot of money on each other. Unplanned we each got each other the same gift...shaving tools.  Great minds think alike. 
Roan got a lot of cool things. His favorite is a set of craftsman kid tools that make noise and light up. 
Lars Mom's family came over for our traditional Christmas breakfast. 
The food was really good and we had so much fun together. 
Roan found the chocolate stash. 

In the afternoon we went over to my parents house for dinner. My parents put on a little program where my Dad played the Ukulele, I took video but am having trouble posting it. We did a cousins gift exchange and the adults played a gift card exchange game. Something that is super fun and becoming a new tradition. 
My two nieces had each other for their gift exchange and they gave each other the exact same gift. 
SO funny. 

We were so pooped after Christmas. But we still had some fun in us for New Years Eve. We had our friends Dave and Andrea over. We made a lot of food and hung out while the kids ran around. 
As usual I wore my special New Years shirt. LOL 
The holidays were so fun. We had a blast eating and spending time with our families. Bring on the new year. 

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  1. Happy New Year! That is funny that you both got each other shaving stuff. I got Aaron a professional shave. We were all on the same page:-)


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