Sunday, January 12, 2014

Roan Randoms

I have a whole bunch of pics of Roan that have been piling up. Enjoy
Little rebel loves to stand while we drive. 

After bath time he loves to walk around in his towel. 

This little guy is always singing and chanting and putting stuff on his head. 
He will also make a picnic anywhere. 

I love that he loves to spend time with me in the kitchen and cook. He seriously is the best helper. He will help me add ingredients, set the table, and put away the dishes. Plus he remembers where things go. 
I thought it was funny that I put his coat on over his booster chair. 
Lately he has been pulling up his own pants (such a big kid now I KNOW)
Often he will pull them up really high like an old man. So cute. 
I still love to cuddle after bath time and make faces in the mirror. 
He is a good little eater and getting better with utensils. 
 Again faces in the mirror is all the rage. That is what happens when ever room has a mirror closet. 

 This kid cracks me up with all the expressions and squeals that come out of him. 
Oh and he will play in the water for hours if you let him.  

 Again everything can be made into a hat. 
 I still love to take pictures of him sleeping. 
 One night he didn't want to do his bedtime routine. His logic was that if he refused to get his pajamas on, read a book, pray, or turn off the light he wouldn't have to sleep. He only tried that stunt once more before he learned that either way he will go to bed. Oh the mind of a child. It is pretty awesome to see him grow and watch him connect and figure out things as he explores. He is such a helpful and lovable guy. 
I fall in love with him more and more each day. :)

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  1. Great pictures! His legs look soo long now. Such a big boy. And that cart is amazing! I went to Ralphs with both boys last week to get some shopping done and asked for their cart with two seats (you know the giant car one) and they said they were all stolen. It was the worst shopping trip ever. Everything I put into the cart Dane tried to take out.


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