Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Goals YO 2014

I had drafted a Goals blog and listed last years goals and how I did and then listed some more goals for this year. Then I deleted it. I decided that since I didn't really post my goals where I could see them often or really follow up on them on a regular basis I probably wouldn't do that again this year. In my health program, Take Shape for Life, there is a goal setting exercise we do called a Tension Chart. We list our goals and then break it down to the little things we can do to reach those goals. It actually has worked out for me pretty well on the health scheme of things so I am going to apply it to other parts of my life. I love lists but this year I want to just to focus on progressing further into what I am striving to be...HAPPY! I have found that I am happiest when I am progressing towards something, anything large or small. 

These last few weeks I was thinking about Roan, he is turning 2 on Sunday. I reflected on the last two years and how they have flown by which made me reflect on my entire life I have built, we, Lars & I, have built. I shared these feelings with Lars and he said, "We've come a long way in 10 years. Really it's kind of amazing all the stuff we've managed to accomplish and/or been blessed with. We've gone in debt above $10K twice and dug our way out of it both times. We've bought a house. We've gone on a 4 year adventure far away. We've had an amazing little boy added to our family. And uncountable memories were made along the way. It's pretty incredible." It is truly incredible and I know my life is not perfect, but I really am perfectly happy. True there are days I feel completely inadequate at everything I do and feel like I am nothing and then there are days where things are fine and that is all. All in all I am happy and blessed. I just need to see that more often. The Fall of 2013 was really dark for me. I was in a funk and couldn't get over it. But I did get over it. Through it I learned, as I relearn often when faced with adversity, that I am strong and I can be happy if I chose to be. Granted the happy scale will vary by degree I can still be happy. 

SO this year I am going to be happy even when things are crappy.  I am going to remember what I have been through this last year and use it to make my life easier when I am faced with crap so I move forward and not relearn some stuff, if I can help it. To do this I am going to remind myself that I AM AWESOME, A Daughter of God, silly, and beautiful. 

I am going to throw myself into my family more and cut out the distractions that keep me from fulfilling those duties. Less time on Facebook. People can call me if they want to talk to me, which I do enjoy very much.

 I want to throw myself into my faith, deepen, share, and live my testimony. I know I will not reach perfection in this life, but that doesn't mean I can't try to improve. "Be thou humble; and the Lord they God shall led thee by the hand." 

I am going to improve balancing my time and improve cutting myself some slack with my own crazy expectations. 

I am going to learn...how to cook Qunioa, make a slideshow without Smilebox, make freezer meals, and other fun projects from pinterest. I might try and do one each week. 

I am going to continue to stay healthy. I will run two 5Ks and fuel my body with delicious healthy food. 

I will progress this year into a healthy happy person. That is how I have liked me the best so far :) 


  1. I don't have goals, I take each day as it comes, not for any reason then I am lazy.............lol I do try to stay happy and healthy

  2. Great goals, Stephanie.

    (And quinoa is surprisingly easy to cook.)

  3. You are a rock star! I look forward to seeing your Pinterest projects. Cheers to 2014!

  4. Two 5ks is a good goal. Then maybe next year or later this year you can try for a 10k (which I would run with you in a heartbeat if I could).

    I may have said this before but I'll say it again. Stephanie, you truly inspire me!


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