Monday, February 17, 2014

Love That Train

President's Day will be a day remembered as Roan's official first train ride. This kid loves trains. We see them everyday and he shouts at them and waves and says Choo Choo. And he has at times cried when he didn't get to see one. SO I thought it only fitting to take the train into downtown on my day off when we arranged to meet up with my friend Shawna and her daughter, Shye, at City Creek. 
I thought a kid who loves trains as much as Roan would so enjoy riding one. How wrong I was. First, it was really windy. Then when we got on the train he was worried sick. Everytime the train stopped he wanted to get off. It was probably a bit much for him and maybe I should have chose a shorter train ride but we were committed so we stuck with it. Near the end he started loosen up. 
The ride home was much much better. He was still alert and cautious of all the noises but he relaxed and talked to me about everything he was seeing. 

 I love downtown. It was nice and quiet because of the holiday. 

 The kids had fun. I think we were in the play area for over an hour. 
It was busy and noisy because of the holiday.;) 
 Hooray for a fun day off with the boy and some time to chit chat with my friend Shawna 
Yep we are awesome!

 In other news Valentines Day was pretty cool. Lars got me this... 
A seal-a-meal vacuum sealer. I love it so so much. It will be a big help in my quest to fill up my deep freeze with food storage. 

Then we had a healthy picnic in the living room.  
Lots of fun. Sure do love my guys. 


  1. I love the picture of you and Roan (below the one of you kissing his cheek). What special times and memories you are making with your precious little guy.

  2. That looks like a fun day. I'm glad Roan warmed up to the trains.

  3. Cute pics! It was a fun day! Let do it again!


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