Monday, February 17, 2014


My birthday week was pretty awesome. My birthday was on January 30th.  I decided to be nice to myself and give myself a cool treat...I went out to eat everyday of the week. I grew up poor so going out to eat is a huge luxury. I didn't go too crazy. I budgeted for it and utilized birthday coupons and gift cards. But I was sure to make it about me and go where I wanted and get what I wanted. It was mostly on my own during my lunch and a few dinners with families on the weekend. All in all it was a lot of fun. By the end I missed cooking a little bit and decided that for the month of February I am not going out to eat at all and I am only going to make 2 trips to the grocery store for fresh produce only. Other than that I am going to utilize food in my pantry and deep freezer. Enough of that, back to ME and my birthday. 

For me my birthday celebration is a week long event. Each day was special in it's own way. I had a sister date. People were nicer to me than normal and I was more chipper than usual, with the exception of a few moments of self reflection, something people do when they get old I suppose. On Thursday, my actual birthday, my coworkers baked me cookies. Lars got me flowers, which I loved. We went out to eat with my Dad & sister to my new favorite restaurant, Longhorn Steak House. I took Friday off and got some needed Roan time and bought a new skirt. Saturday I went bowling with my brothers family. The bowling alley was super classic, they honor birthday folk by having their party sign an old bowling pin to take home. It was awesome and I got mozzarella cheese sticks with fry sauce and it was so good. Plus I bowled a pretty good game. SO that was my birthday week. It was awesome and I appreciate all the birthday wishes. 
 My new skirt from LulaRoe, it is a new design to with a lace overlay. Super cute and comfy. 
 Roan's cute bowling shoes

Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet 
 Smashburger all for $4 because of coupons

 Cafe Zupas
 PF Chang's with my HRO family, we celebrated 3 birthdays. 
My sweet friend Rebecca sent me a birthday care package. She gave me a cool cup, hair jewel, and scarf. 
 The bowling pin
The stunning flowers from Lars. 
I love taking pictures of flowers as they open. This is from over a week. 

Regarding my thoughts on getting older...I have come to the conclusion that the some people in the world associate youthfulness with giddiness. When people wanted to guess how old I was they always guessed 25 years and under. People mistaken me for younger because I am so "bouncy" and "happy". There is nothing wrong with this. I take it as a compliment but sometimes it bugs me when people give me wide eyes when they find out how old I am and then follow up their surprised face with, "You sure have a lot of energy and seem very happy for someone who is 31." Why yes, yes I do and it is my choice and I hope I am that way forever. Where does it say I have to be grumpy and cranky with age? Since I have been in Young Women's as a leader I have tried to dress a little "older" or "mature" since I keep getting mistaken for one of the youth. Well, I am throwing in the towel on that one and am just going to be who I am through and through even if I look way younger than I am.  Don't get me wrong, I like that people think I am not as old as I look and that I don't have to lie about my age yet. But they do seem surprised when I tell them I am 31. I am proud of how old I am and all I have done in 31 years. I am also proud that I can be this energetic and happy at my age if I want to, happiness is a choice, or so I believe. I am going to continue to leave them all guessing. so HA HA!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!!

    I'm glad you had a fabulous birthday week and that you were feeling better for the big celebration.

    (That skirt is SO cute!)


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