Monday, February 17, 2014


Roan turned 2 on January 19. I cried. LOL I can be a sap sometimes. I seriously cannot be more grateful for this little man in our lives. He has grown so much. He is a smart, sensitive, sweet, and smiley little guy. When I look at pictures of him from then to now, I am amazed. We enjoy watching him grow and develop. I spent the last week reminsing on our lives with him and have reread some previous post from the day he was born and his first birthday. I am in awe at how perfect he is for our family. 

His birthday weekend was a busy one. We had lunch with my best friend from High School, Amy D. I got to meet her boyfriend too. He is a super nice guy and they are a wonderful couple. They were passing through town so we had a quick lunch date to catch up. It had been 6 years since I had seen her. She is my super awesome and smart friend and I loved our reunion. 

Classic Charlie's Angel and it looks like we are saving him. 

We hosted a few friends from Anaheim that needed a place to crash just for the night. At 2:30 a.m. we found out that our carbon monoxide alarm worked. Everyone was safe and it was nothing serious. Just left some wood smoldering in our wood burning stove with the vent closed. Oops. We left the windows open for a while and everything was cleared out within an hour. Oh did I mention it is still winter. Yep. 

Sunday we woke Roan up with cheers and hugs. Then we jumped in the car and went to my brothers pre baby blessing breakfast. My brother married one of my best friends from high school and most of her family was there. It is always nice when we get together with them, like a blast from the past. After the blessing festivities we came home and put Roan down for a nap...which turned into play for 2 hours. This kid didn't sleep and I was worried he would be cranky for his Grandparent Birthday Party. I think he was just excited and didn't get enough energy burned before his nap. He was in good spirits the entire day and even crashed as soon as his party was over. 

We decided to keep the party low key this year and only invited the Grandparents, which actually is still a lot of people since he has 8 living grand and great grandparents.  Since the occasion brought all these people in one room we had to get a bunch of picture. 

Lars side: 
Mom & Step Dad Barlow
Dad & Step Mom Madsen

 My Side: 
 Grandpa and Grandma Nelson (My Mom's parents)
  Mom and Dad Stark

I served light appetizers and instead of cake we had pie, because Roan is our "Cutie Pie". :) I had a few decorations up, one of which was a a #2 made out of pictures of Roan from the last 2 years.
 Loaded sweet potato bites, veggies & hummus, cheese & crackers

We watched Roan play, eat, and then we opened presents. Then we sang to Roan. He was so cute, he got shy for a minute and ran to Dad. He blew his candles out a few times because he thought it was fun. 
This is the balance bike we got him for his birthday. :) He is super excited. Once the weather warms up we will take him out for a spon. 

It was such a perfect weekend. We love Roan so much and are so grateful for everyone's birthday wishes and for all the Grandparents for coming out to celebrate.
 His new tie
 Yummy red velvet cake pop
 I wanted to get a picture of him with his new Star Wars shirt but he didn't want me to. 
 (he and his friend Dane match, we are seriously going to make it a tradition where for the rest of these boys lives they have to have matching Star Wars shirts). 
Finally!  A successful picture. 

Since his birthday he has had a doctor appointment and here are his stats:
28 lbs and 10 oz 75th%
36.5 inches 98%
He also had his first ear infection. :( Growing up is awesome


  1. I'm glad you had a carbon monoxide detector. Yikes, that could've been bad. We have one to but it's never gone off. I hope it works...

    Happy Birthday, Roan! I sure love that cutie-pie of yours.

  2. Happy birthday sweet Roan! I love all the pictures. He is getting sooo big! Haha, he hates the tie. But he does look very handsome in it (ps Dane has that same shirt that he is wearing the tie with). We love you Roan!


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