Monday, February 17, 2014


On Saturday we celebrated my Grandpa Nelson's 90th birthday. 
 I made the banner. Yep I am proud about it. 
 This is my favorite picture of my Grandparents when they were newly weds.  
 They are such a charming and good looking couple. They are both still alive but I didn't get any pictures of my Grandmother at the party. Oops. 
 My Grandfather was in the Airforce during WWI. My Uncle John served in Vietnam, and my cousin John is still in the Navy and has been deployed here and there during the most recent wars. 
 My Grandparents served two missions together, their first in New Jersey and their second at 
Temple Square. 

 My Grandparents have been married for over 60 years...I think.  
 This my Grandpa and his brother, Uncle Max. Uncle Max turned 88 a few days later. :)
 My cousin Richard took some amazing group shots. I hope to get a few copies so I can post them. 
 All the grandkids got together and sang I Am a Child of God for my Grandpa. My niece and nephew played the violin and the cello and my Dad played his Ukulele. Then each of my grandparents kids got up and shared their memories of Grandpa. Then Grandpa got up and shared some thoughts and his testimony. 
 Roan chilin' with my second cousin, Sonia
My Uncle John lives in Washington so he skyed into the party. (Also pictured is my cousin Kimberly)
This is my Grandpa Kenneth Nelson. He is awesome and he almost ALWAYS blinks for the camera. My sister gets that from him. :)

I love my Grandpa. He is a funny guy and has always been a strong example to me of love and service. He is still super fit and independent for his age. Seriously, he and my Grandma still live on their own (close to family of course). They are very active in their community, church, and family. He has a strong testimony of the gospel. He has always told me to have fun in righteousness and to turn to the Lord for everything and I will find happiness. I love you Grandpa. Happy Birthday!


  1. Steph, thank you SO MUCH for posting about grandpa's party. I got all teary-eyed looking at the pictures. I wish I could've been there, it looked like a wonderful event. We are so blessed to have grandpa around still. He so darn cute!

  2. That is so cool! I wish I still had my grandparents around. Your banner is beautiful! You should be proud :-)

  3. Our grandparents can be so special to us, I know the relationship I had with my nan & pop was special, I have always been closer to nan than pop but that didn't stop me crying and ocean when he passes away in 2010

  4. I love the pictures from when they were newlyweds! Especially that first one, when they were laughing! So adorable.


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