Saturday, April 9, 2011

Madsen Family Visit

Last weekend Lars' father, step-mom, and little half brother visited for the weekend. I was very excited to have them over as they are the first family to visit us since we have moved out here. We had a blast. We visited the La Brea Tar Pits (which was fascinating) and the Los Angeles Temple. When we weren't out an about we were relaxing and hearing stories about how Ivan came to America. Lars' Dad, Ivan, is a Danish immigrant and has a really cool story about his youth and how he came to America. I had always heard different versions from various family members but had never heard the story directly from Ivan. So I asked him and he took a few hours and told me and very kindly answered my questions. I always wanted to know and I think it is important to know his history as it will be apart of our kids history too. I am still writing it down and will share it in a future blog. It was so much fun to talk and get to know each other more. I am so glad that Ivan did come to American because Lars was later born because of this.

Please enjoy the pictures from our Madsen Family visit adventure.
Trisha, Ivan, & Lars checking out the Moroni on the top of the temple
My little brother Glenn. I have never had a little brother before and now I have two of them. I very much enjoyed teasing and talking to Glenn throughout the trip. Being a big sister is fun and I have a lot of catching up to do since I have only been a big sister for 8 years now.
Outside one of the Museums was a cluster of lamp posts. I think it was something artistic. They were fun to play on and take pictures with.
Ivan spent a lot of time checking out his camera and setting it up for pics.
Glenn spent a lot of time with his phone and other gadgets he kept in his pocket. Like Father like Son ;)
Lars was so cute and played hide-n-seek
The first picture was everyone naturally standing
Ivan jokingly asked me to take the picture again because he wasn't sucking in his stomach. LOL can you see a difference between the two? :)
One of the excavation pits
Sorry elephant. You became a fossil and we dug you up.
These were all along a wall. It was really cool looking.

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