Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sam and Princess Parties

In April we had some friends come stay with us for a bit. They were in town to be extras and background for various movies and TV shows and they were the such awesome house guests.

Meet Sam
Sam is the nicest guy. He makes everyone laugh and is super smart. I once described him as a vampire with the ability to make people feel at ease (Like the ones in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series). Only he isn't a vampire (that I know of), but he does have a way to make people relax and have fun.

Meet Megan
Megan is fabulous. She and I have soooo much in common it is too crazy. I swear she is a younger version of me, just more successful at acting. We are both the youngest in our families, both love acting and singing, both take a long time to order food of the menu, and both love Oreo Reese's buttercup milk shakes. It was so much fun getting to know her. I feel like I got to know myself more in the process.

Megan is also a Princess.
Yes it is true.
She can come to your child's party in Utah and soon to be California. She will sing to your child's party, have a tea party, teach them a princess dance and manners, play games, and make crowns and so much more. She does more than birthday parties too. She will do corporate events and weddings. She has many Princesses and other fun characters. Let me tell ya. This girl is talented too and she will put on a good time for you at any event you hire her for. Plus her prices are very reasonable. Check out her website and throw a party today.
I am already planning my party.

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