Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rock Climbing and ER trips

On April 1st, after we fooled many people into thinking we were moving back to Utah, we went rock climbing to celebrate our friend, Marly's birthday. It was quite an adventurous evening. I haven't been rock climbing in years. The first climb was the scariest. Lars was a natural and super fast. I stuck with the easy to moderate walls. The last wall was the coolest because it was tall and tough and made me feel real good once completed. I was glad I ended on that one.

Near the end of the rock climbing one of our other friends fell out of the cave hole that the place had for crawling and broke her wrist in the fall. The rest of the evening was spent in the ER, but ya know something, it was the best ER experience I ever had. The friends around us made it fun and Karen was so brave. We all chatted, goofed off, ate Italian ice, and had such adrenalin soaring from climbing and the action afterwards. Our friend that broke her wrist is going to be okay too. Karen is tough and awesome and nothing can keep her down.

Here are some pictures from the evening and a video of me climbing.
Hope you like my butt shots.
This is Marly, the birthday girl!
Lars climbing down
The girls taking a break
The whole crew

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  1. Next time I'm wearing black pants so the harness isn't so obvious.

    And yes. Broken arm notwithstanding, there WILL be a next time!

    You are awesome, my friend! Thanks for helping make the ER less awful!


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