Sunday, December 2, 2012

10 Months

I feel like I just posted a 9 month post so we will keep this to the point.

Weght: 27 lbs+
Height: 29 inches

Roan is turning into a little man. He loves to open and close things and to pretend to read (he opens and closes books, stares into the books, examines all angles on a book). He will play for a book for 20 minutes. He has his own games he plays with cupboards. He will start by peeking in and closing it read fast then opening it wide and then closing it and then he chants some squeal baby babble towards the sky with his hands held high. Then he opens it and begins to riffle through the items. It almost seems like a ritual before playing. He wishes he could get into the dishwasher and the fridge, we are usually really fast workers when we are in the kitchen. He explores while we are in there and we dance around him as we cook.

He is a huge people watcher. He likes to be involved in anything you are doing. When we he is in the shopping cart he ends up turning around to the front so he can see where we are going.

There are times were I think he may be compulsive as when something is open he has to go close it, even if someone is using it. Maybe it is just a phase?

His crawling is a lot stronger and faster. He enjoys cruising around the kitchen cupboards and couches. There are times when he will be brave and stand on his own for more than 20-30 seconds. When he needs to get down he just squats instead of falling onto his bum and he kneels a lot more and does these crazy yoga moves.

He has spent the last few months being introduced to lots of Utah family and friends. He plays the shy card more than he should when he first meets people. He will do so by cuddling up to my chest and hiding his face. But after getting some food in him, if he is hungry, and letting him warm up to you then he utilizes your presence as a jungle gym.
All of his Stark Cousins

Roan will also whine if you take something away from him when he is not done. Time to learn to share? I can tell that he understands certain things. I love watching the wheels in his little mind roll as he tries to figure stuff out. He is very responsive on a few thinks. Like when I ask him kindly to close things or pick something up. He likes to do things on his own sometime. When I try and help him with something he waves his arm at me until I let him free to do it on his own. Mr. Independent much?

He has been introduced to snow. Not sure what he thought of it yet.

He is eating really well and we are trying to do more finger foods from what we eat rather than baby jar good. He still wakes up at least once per night too. I imagine that will change we he starts drinking milk.

Sleeping with his bum in the air has been the preferred sleeping position
He loves his Mom and Dad and playing with his grandparents. He misses his friend Dane, we video chat with his family every few weeks and I think Roan is starting to notice the video camera and no just the keyboard. Hoping we can get the boys together again soon.

Tailbone Update~I think it is betterish, is that a word, it is now. For the last 10 months I have been sitting on a donut. I killed the donut, seriously, it won't inflate anymore. So I have been without it for a bit and I think I am fine. I still have trouble with church chairs or hard chairs, but I can work with that by using good posture and shifting my weight. I was also taking Advil for it daily for months. I weened myself off of that as I don't like to be dependent on drugs. Things have been going much better in that regard. After it broke and it didn't get better after a few months I went to the doctor and they kept telling me to give it time. I thought it was a big fat lie. Time does heal everything as I can totally feel a difference now. Part of me is still a little scared that it will break again and I have no idea what I am gonna do then, but for now it is nearly better. HOORAY!!
 Did I mention that my family was all together for the first time in years for Thanksgiving. 
Here we all are


  1. I can't believe how big Roan is! Wow. He and Lydia do a lot of the same things (with cupboards and books), so cute. She also still wakes up once per night. But she still has only two bottom teeth.

    How nice to see your family all together. That must have been so wonderful.

  2. I can't believe how fast he's growing up. I miss that face!


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