Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013 Goals Yo

Its that time of year where we reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Here were my goals for 2012 and how I did.

Be an awesome Mom (Last year I said I either wanted to have a baby by the time I was 30 or get a dog, the baby beat out the dog :) We will still get a dog but not for a few years)
Even though I don't feel like it sometimes I am a kick-a Mom.

Continue to be an awesome Wife
Even though I don't feel like it sometimes I am a kick-a wife and Lars has been a kick-a husband. This was a joyful but tough year for us. Mostly due to first time parenting and all the changes within us with that, but we rocked it.
Get back in post preggo shape after baby is born (eat healthy and exercise weekly)
HAHAHAHAHA it was a work in progress and a dream. Still a ways to go on this one.

Continue to have my own interests and identity after the baby is born (I am going to love being a Mom and will give it my all, but I still want to be me and get away from time to time and not let my child define me entirely to the point that I don't do anything for me or am sad. I think to remain sane and balanced I will need to continue to pursue stuff for me. Balance has been my biggest worry about becoming a Mom. In the past I have been the go to person for everything but I am learning to take it easy and put myself first in certain things so I can be sane and happy enough to take care of my little family better. After the baby is born I want to be able to balance the responsibilities I have in a way that keeps me happy enough to continue pursue those responsibilities /interests, ie work, homemaker, church callings, etc.)
This still takes so much work. For the most part I did good. On the weeks that I went without my own time I felt it. Thankfully Lars and I try to stick with a system and we give eachouther a night off each week from the baby and sometimes each other.

Continue to have date night with Lars, even if we are improvising now that we are parents.
We take courting eachother and going on weekly dates pretty seriously. We go out twice a month if not every weekend when possible. Or we make it a family outing and Roan ends up sleeping thru most of it.

Take an art or sewing class
Finish writing the musical I started. I have the story idea down but I just need to get some songs together.
Participate in a local Theatre production
With that last goal being said I would like to read 6 biographies this year.
HA Didn't even touch any of these. Unless you count crafting for baby showers as an art class (YES), singing songs about pajamas and poopey diapers as writing a musical (YES), dancing and performing in front of your child to keep him happy when he is tired and hungry or to get a good monthly picture as a theatre production(YES), and making up 6 characters in a bedtime story as biographies (YES).
In that case...mission accomplished.

Finish the Book of Mormon again

Create a profile
Created but no upkeep as of yet.

Go to the temple 6 times
Once but who is counting

Be more active in politics. I love discussing politics as of late and have become more passionate about standing up for what I believe through politics.
heh okay i guess

Go shooting at a gun range twice and maybe even buy a gun
Nope-But once Lars opens his Christmas gift we will.

Go camping 3 times with my family/friends
We went on a long camping trip once and it rocked so it counts as 3.

Sing and dance to my baby boy everyday and help him laugh and love life as much as I do
Always and Forever!!!
Goals for 2013

Unplug~I want to enjoy every minute with my little family. Sometimes I am a facebook addict. SO when I come home in the evenings and weekends I am going to unplug. I have been giving this a test run. No FB on Sundays. I do alright.

Go to the temple monthly-We live in Utah for crying out loud where there is a temple every 30 miles or less.

Get involved in yoga, zumba, and running. In fact I would love to run a 3 or 5 K for the heck of it. I need to strengthen my core and increase my flexibility range=yoga. I love to dance and have fun=Zumba.

Hug and kiss my boys everyday

Turn 30 in a sylish way

Call my Anaheim friends often and visit with my family locally often.

Deepen my testimony

Wish my luck.


  1. These new goals are awesome!! I love hearing how you did this past year - sounds like you did pretty amazing!

  2. Those are great new goals. Especially the one about calling your Anaheim friends more often...


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