Friday, December 28, 2012

11 Month

 weight: 24 or 25 lbs less than last month. Honestly we have been weighing him on a home scale so we are not accurate. I am sure he is close to 30 lbs.
length: 30 inches or so.
We will get an accurate weight and measurement next month at his 12 month appointment.
New Pajamas
 Look how tall I am and  how far I can reach
 See how I like to sleep
Seriously looks like a big kid when he sleeps. His feet are huge now. 

Roan's reach went from 1 inch to a mile overnight. I thought we had everything baby proofed but he showed us all the new things he could do after his recent growth spurt. Nothing is safe anymore. He can reach up and grab things off of tables. If you were to walk into our house right now you would see that everything on the table is pushed towards the middle and we have also made barriers to some items like tall glass lamps. This kid can reach for anything.
Still not sleeping all the way thru the night and these days it takes him an hour to go to sleep. He has weened himself off the binkie completely. I really want to work on this and get it more manageable but I am not sure what step to take next. I am not a fan of crying it out. I am hopeful this will improve when we ween him completely but if not then we will deal with it then. Frankly I am just too tired to put any serious effort into it right now, I know that sounds bad and I might be starting a bad habit for him. I am afraid to try any massive changes with sleep training because the change may kill me and take forever and at this time I am barely getting by with what sleep I do get between working and him. Some nights I can get him to sleep easy, but then he wakes up and when I go to him he is sitting up and doesn't know how to go back to sleep. Not trying to complain, just asking for help. Suggestions?

He is saying more stuff like waawaa,  baa baa, mamama, and dada which is still the favroite gabber. 
He sequels and laughs at everything, It is so awesome and he can make anyone's day. 

He is walking. Again, overnight he went from cursing along the couch to walking from the couch to the chair across the room. He is getting stronger and more courageous  He mostly walks when no one is looking unless we try to make a game out of it. Lars and I created a  secret word to say to each other when we see him walking, the word is "mint". This way he will keep walking because when we see him we would get excited and say hey your walking and then he would stop. Silly kid. Pretty soon he will be running and I have no idea what we will do then. 
As with any new milestone comes tough stuff, like falling down. He is a little wobbly here and there in his walk and he has bumped his head here and there. My heart jumps more than it ever has but we let him grow and learn no matter how much I want to just only let him play in a padded room. 
He still opens cupboards but now takes things out of them. We childproof certain cupboard and just supervise his play around the others. He has already broken a lid. He pulled it out and it broke when it fell to the ground and he just stared with his hands opened wide at it as if he was telling it to rise and get back up. 
He helps put things away. As we clean up his toys he helps put them in the box and then tries to take them out again. Roan is also a nose picker. It is hilarious. He sticks his finger up his nose the most while he is eating. He also likes to stick his finger in peoples mouths and belly buttons. He also loves to play pass the ball. But when he plays he tosses you the ball then chases it. 

He likes to give you stuff, like he is playing fetch. My Dad has this back scratch-er with wheels and he loves to crawl around with it in his hand like it is a car or something. 
Roan has started to drop food on the ground just to watch it fall. Cute at first but then annoying as I want him to eat and feed himself. So far there hasn't been any throwing or spitting yet. He does push food away from him when he is done. He has fallen asleep when eating too. He is a little picky on some foods. He doesn't like fruit so much. 
When he sits down he crosses his ankles like this. 

He dances too. Especially when no one is watching. But if you dance with him he will usually join you. 
His current favorite items to play with are an empty drinking picture, slinky, and colander.

My favorite thing that he has started doing has been laughing after every sneeze. It is so cute. He used to sigh after every sneeze when he was younger. These days we play a game where I pretend to sneeze on him and it gets him giggling. Now whenever he or someone else sneezes or when I say God bless you it is followed up with his snickery giggle.

Roan met Santa at our ward Christmas party. He smiled as he walked in but then as he sat on his lap and we took pics his smile melted into a worry and then a cry. I think he was more freaked out that everyone was watching him. He was the first to sit on his lap and our pics probably took too long for him. 

I love this kid more and more each day and his awesomeness is taken to a whole new level and beyond as time goes on. I am super excited for his first Christmas. :) I have also started planning his 1st birthday party. I hope it will execute in real life in the cool way it has executed in my head. 

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  1. I want to see him dance! Dane and Roan would be so cute dancing together and playing pass the ball. He is just adorable and I miss him so much. Our boys are growing up so fast!


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