Sunday, November 29, 2015


Halloween this year was sorta low key. I had planned to do these awesome family costumes but then put it off then got tired. Nevertheless we still had fun and Roan is getting at that age where he is really getting into things and being interactive and loves sharing his hilarious yet  cute observations. 
We decorated pumpkins

Roan was a pirate. (it kept rotating between a Train Pirate and a Pumpkin Pirate) But after I put his make up on he decided he didn't want to be a pirate. Oh heavens, kids and their costumes. 
I was a bowling lane. 
I had to work that day but my work allows trick or treating. I got to take him and Roan totally scored. I never remember getting so much candy and a child. Then we went around our neighborhood. There were a lot more people out and about this year. We even had over a dozen trick or treaters come to our house. Roan was so sweet and polite. When people would tell him to take more than one he would reply, "No thanks, I'm fine." Then if they were insistent he would tell them, "Well, I will save it for my Mom and Dad then." He would also tell people if they didn't have a doorbell for him to ring. As the night progressed I could tell he was getting tired because he became less and less polite and more grabby. We called it a night and went home to watch Pixel. 

It was a super fun Halloween mainly because we were all happy and having a good time. :)

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