Sunday, November 29, 2015

This Kid

I love the fall. I think the boy does too. This post is full of random stuff we have been up to. 
In this weekend Roan and I got some one on one time to rake leaves, have a treat from Chick-fil-a, go to the Dentist for his first cleaning, and goof around the house. 

Roan has a wild imagination. I love listening to him play and make up stuff all on his own. he wanted to convert these two boxes into a space ship and helmet. 

My sister in law Lori was in town for a minute and we so kind to stop by my work so I could give her and her darling kids a hug. 

I went to a fun girls craft night at a local store with my friends and it was so fun. 
Roan has been so happy to help in the kitchen lately. He loves to stir, mix, and pour things for me. 

Sometimes I think I look pretty hot!
At one of Lars friends wedding receptions
Roan got new short PJs and he wanted to wear them everywhere. I suggested we take a pic instead. I told him to strike a pose and the above is what I got.  
 We still love after bath photos. 
Roan has been a big helper in getting things organized for the baby to arrive. While I sort and clean and organize he plays and tests everything thing out to ensure it is brother approved for "his baby girl." 

I love this kid, the other day he asked me to play with him because we are "Best friends". It made my heart melt. I hope I can try and be a good Mom for him. I know sometimes I am short or impatient with his shenanigans but I try to return his love that he so easily gives me. 

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