Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stark Family Reunion

In August my Dad's side of the family had a reunion. It was seriously a blast. We hadn't seen this side much lately. They live in Idaho but this is all changing now. They are seriously the best!
We all meet up at my Aunts backyard and enjoyed games, dutch oven chicken, Beaver Tracks ice cream, and fun. 

This is my Grandpa Henry and Grandma Bertha Stark
My cousin Shasta slept through the family pics so here is a pic of her. LOL
Our entire group

My Dad, his siblings and their spouses

They wanted to reenact the below pic

We were all the older cousins that attended
Then our kids, the younger generation

Lars and I spent the night in my uncles trailer and spent the next day exploring some of the things I remembered as a child. It was a blast from the past for sure. Everything looks smaller than I remember. It was a really nice and relaxing trip. It was awesome to see all the family and play with them and we cannot wait to hang out with them again. 

Roan and so much fun he crashed in seconds of our drive home. 

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