Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lars Birfday (35)

Lars had a birthday! His birthday is usually on or around General Conference which might as well be Christmas. SO we always try and make his birthday extra special even though he says his birthday is no longer a big deal. This year we went to Yellowstone (blog coming later for that) then we celebrated at home. 
Here the boys are having a reading party but Roan is pretending his book is a "puter" (computer)

We put up Halloween decorations while we listened to conference. 

My love language is gifts, especially food, so I tried to make Lars birthday awesome by feeding him amazing things that I didn't take any pics of. I made him pecan pancakes for breakfast and then I tried making him beef ribs and they turned out really good. 

His favorite restaurant is GoodWood BBQ because of their...BEEF RIBS. 
We went there with all of our parents. 

Roan and I did some decorating around the house. :)

We love Lars and all in all he said his birthday was pretty awesome this year. SCORE!!

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