Tuesday, November 6, 2012

9 Month

This kid is awesome. I cannot believe how fast he keeps changing.

Weight: Close to 25 lbs
Height: Super Tall
I need to measure a for real measurement but am pretty lazy right now. I also have more pics to post but for now we will post these and I will post more down the road. 

This kid is crawling and climbing everywhere!!!!! With each passing day he gets stronger and stronger and does more daring things that are making my heart jump into my throat. He can climb one step. He has gotten himself down from a couch all by himself a few times, without assistance and without falling. When I play with him on the floor he uses me as an obstacle course and climbs all over me. His fingers have found there way up my nose, in my eye, and standing over my throat.
He loves to open and close things, especially doors and drawers. Seriously he will play with a door, a book, or a box for 30 minutes straight. He is a fast little crawler and will chase after you. Sometimes he will get distracted in the chase by lights or something that springs back at him, like door stops. He has learned to bounce on his bum on command. I will try and get a recording.
He went from sleeping thru the night regularly to getting up 1-2 times at night. I didn't like it at first but I am used to it now. He has weened himself off the pacifier. He only uses it as a chew toy so at night he goes to sleep completely on his own, with some soothing cuddling to induce the sleep most of the time. He won't sleep on his back anymore. He only sleeps on his side or on his belly with his bum in the air. He also won't be swaddled anymore.
He is soooo funny. We play zombies sometimes and pretend to gnaw on each other. I think he thinks they are kisses so whenever I embrace him in a hug he chews on my face, nose, and chin for the first bit. It is cute but he has 8 teeth so sometimes it hurts. I love getting his wet opened mouth kisses. 
He is really good with finger food. We are starting to give him more of that than baby food. I make baby food when I have time but haven't had much time with the move and all so he is getting the Gerber stuff. He loves the turkey/beef with veggies and/or rice. He loves to eat the little puff stars and the wagon wheels. He has choked a few times but thankfully he has amazing gag reflects and just throws up when he chokes for too long. In addition to normal food he has tried eating dirt, leaves, paper, cardboard, and a small rock. When he tries to eat such things I have to hold his mouth open to swoop it out but he has gotten good at fighting this and will hold his teeth closed. He hates having his face/hands/arms/hair (because he keeps touching his hair with food on it when eating) wiped down after a meal. He is learning how to blow his nose. It is the best, whenever I put a tissue by his nose he tries to breath fast and hard like he is trying to help. I love it.
He misses his friend Dane. Watching them together was so easy because they would play beside eachother or with eachother so easily. Now he plays by himself for a bit but then wants someone to play with him. It has been an adjustment. He loves other people and is learning the new faces around him. He has a cousin a few months apart and a couple second cousins a few weeks apart from him. We hope to have them playing with eachother more often. He loves the extra room in the basement to run around in and seems to be enjoying his new surrounding. All the ladies in our new Relief Society thought it was incredibly well behaved. He is the only kid in there so I get a little nervous when he gets loud. Not sure if the old people mind but whatever.

When it snowed we took him out to play in it but he didn't seem to care. Maybe in a few months he will as there will be mountains of snow in his way.

Helping us pack
Playing quietly while we pack 

Loving bath time 
Enjoying the new chairs in the Mother's Room
I like to play outside 
And go to Comic Book Stores 
And to dress up all goofy 
And I love my Dad

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  1. 25 pounds?! Wow. Lydia barely hit 20 at 9 months. My boys were big though so it's def a boy thing.

    I adore that little cutie. Truly. I do.


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