Monday, November 26, 2012

LOoooong Weekend

We had a pleasant thanksgiving weekend. The break had an awesome start. Lars and I went to dinner with the boy and then went driving around for some Golden Spoon. It is located in Orem and we purposely took the long way as we were having a really good conversation and Roan fell asleep. We later found the Golden Spoon but it was closed (not permanently, thank goodness, only for a few days for some silly repairs on their machines. I would have died if they were closed forever as it is the greatest thing and having it here in Utah is like having a piece of Cali with me. We went there a ton when we lived there, especially when I was pregnant). We still wanted ice cream so we found a local grocery store. We had forgotten it was the late night before thanksgiving as we pulled into the local Macey's. It was soooo not busy. We messed around and got some delicious ice cream, Meadow Gold has a Snickerdoodle Limited Edition ice cream and it is DELIC!

Thursday morning I cooked most of the morning away. The cooking groove was paused when Roan, in his cupboard exploring pulled out a glass lid and sent it crashing to the ground where it shattered. He was removed from the kitchen while it was cleaned up.

We spent the main part of Thanksgiving at my brothers house in Ogden. It was the first time my entire family were together in a few years. ALL OF US. It was so nice. There was no drama, we just enjoyed each other company, watched the kids play, and ate some seriously good food. The turkey was the best ever and the peach pie...I was in heaven. If you have never had a Utah peach you have not lived. Then we went to Lars' Dad's house in Bountiful for some additional dessert and games.

The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping in, playing with Roan, visiting family here and there, cooking, eating, and a small date with Lars to Taco Time and the movies, Pitch Perfect, expect to laugh and to experience goosebumps from the good music. I love long holiday breaks. I am so grateful to be in Utah this holiday season. It feels good to be around family and to actually be apart of everything and to spend quality time with them. We will miss our regular Cali activities and friends. Around the holiday time I missed my family the most, we would skype with them and see all the festivities they were up to but it was never the same. Now we are here in the midst of it and it is fun and I am truly grateful.

I love the holidays and this was a fabooooooo way to kick off the season. I will post pics later. How was your Thanksgiving?

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