Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Road Here

 We moved....I am so glad it is over. Lars and I try to be organized and we did good to get everything packed and ready. Of course no matter how much you prepare the actual move day is stressful and emotional. Lars' Mom came out for the week so she can keep Roan occupied. She was a huge help with him and with cleaning. We did some packing before she got there but it took longer than normal. Roan was crawling and wanted to be apart of everything we were doing so we had to tag team keeping him out of things. Plus packing took a while cuz we were too busy having fun with friends before moving.
Our next door neighbors I will miss more than anything

The night before the move our ward threw us a going away party. It was so nice and fun and sad at the same time. I didn't cry alot about the move as I had a lot of packing and other things to distract me. Once that all got done I lost it and cried a lot. I cried when we left, cried when I read letters from friends, cried when we got here, and cry when I see something that reminds me of some friends. It took a week or so to start feeling normalish.

Anyway, we took two days to drive up here, we stopped in St. George overnight. The 1st half of the drive my friend Rebbecca rode up with me. It was really nice having her as she kept me talking and looked after Roan as we drove. We jammed out to some Wicked and chit chatted. We left her in St. George as she had family business to attend to. Lars' Mom rode with me the rest of the way. It was fun. We stopped and took pictures of cool stuff.

When we got in we had help from my parents ward to unload the truck. The next few days were spent unpacking and getting things situated. We also did some cruising around to see what had changed and met up with a few friends and family. (We are anxious to hang out with everyone but are taking our time with it, call me to schedule a time if we aren't getting to you fast enough). The weather was good and the leaves were gorgeous. However, within a few days we had snow and it was cold. You wouldn't know it now as the weather flipped again and it is nice and warm. We didn't have any ice scarpers so we went out and got a few. I am fully dressed in my scarf and gloves until I can acclimatize again. BTW, it is so dry does that ever get better?

We went to Manti twice to support our friend Rebbecca and her family as she had two funerals (both of her parents passed within a week of eachother, sad but a blessing). This was nice as I felt like I still had a piece of CA with me still, but sad because it only prolonged the real "See Ya CA" emotions I bottled up.

We have a routine down for Roan and that is helping. I started work and am enjoying the change of pace with a new company. I have more to learn and am excited to be busy. We are happy to be here and have already started utilizing the Grandparents for babysitting. :) We have challenges ahead of us as we adjust to our new life but we are sure this is where we need to be. We have faith that the Lord will continue to guide us we try and plan out the next year. Please keep us in your prayers during this transition.

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