Thursday, October 31, 2013

CA Take My Breath AWAY

We went to CA to celebrate Lars birthday and to honestly just get away. Lars is so super awesome because even though it was his birthday getaway it was mostly for me since I was in the middle of going crazy and just needed a break with my girls. #Besthusbandever!
Take a look at me in this picture above. I look fine right...well 5 minutes after I took this picture I received a phone call from my doctor informing me that 8 mm of my left lung was collapsed. Here is the true story. A few days before our trip I got food poisoning really bad. I tried to force myself to puke which didn't help in the end anyway. An hour after trying to puke my chest got really really tight and it was hard to breath. It felt like someone was pushing on my chest. I got really scared and left work early and went to the urgent care. They ran tests and took x-rays of my chest but couldn't see anything apparent. They sent me home empty handed and let me know they will call if the radiologist found anything on my x-ray.  This was the day before we were supposed to leave. Nothing was going to stop me from taking this trip, not even my job which is another soapbox, so we decided to keep with out plans and I got a blessing from Lars and a neighbor. The next morning there was still some discomfort but I could breath better. So we went on our trip and at the start the doctor called and asked me to come back in as soon as I could for a follow up. He said I had spontaneous Pneumothorax . Both my new lean frame and my terrible attempt to throw up put stress on my lungs and 8 mm of my left lung had collapsed and hair was leaking into my left shoulder. I told him we were on our way out of the state and that I would follow up upon my return. He advised me to seek immediate medical attention if I had trouble breathing again. I was fine however, I got better and better with each passing day and I did follow up when I got back and I am fine. So there is your cool crazy story. 

Now back to CA
We had lunch with Lars old coworkers from NCS
We hung out with the Christensen's and visited our old ward. One couple asked where we had been as they thought we went inactive. LOL We moved so a year ago dude :)
Of course we ate at Ruby's Diner, though I didn't get the chili fries this time. Biggest regret ever!
Marly's sister works at the Queen Mary and got us in for their Haunted tours preview night
It was awesome!
And yes I did get scared but Lars was funny so I wasn't afraid for long. 
We also got a funnel cake, something we have to do with these particular friends. :) 

In between all the fun activities I spent a lot of time just sitting and chatting with my best friend Marly.
It was seriously the best ever. We also went to a pumpkin patch with our friend Stacey, but that deserves it's own post. It was really sad to leave my friend. I cried most of the way to Riverside to stay with my other best friend Rebecca. 
We kidnapped Rebecca and Jim and returned to Utah to continue the fun.
We borrowed my parents van and the trip back was so comfortable. I got to nap twice, something I never get to do when it is just our small family driving. Lars has a rule, a very good rule I might add, that the front passenger has to stay awake to help keep the driver awake. It was nice to have company because they were fun to talk to but also because I got sleep while they sat in the front. We also ate Jack in the Box too. YUM!
Lars was a good little traveler. 
Jim and Lars got their nerd on in the travels. 
We had fun in CA and miss our friends a lot. Not the traffic in CA but our friends for sure. 

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