Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I have been checked out of the social media world, especially blogging, for a month now. My last post was a little hopeless yet hopeful all rolled up and things pretty much continued to be crazy there despite all the hoping. I think I am finally coming to gribs with things and able to come up for air if you will. Emotionally I have been doing better for a few weeks, just haven't had ANY free time to blog. My new position at work keeps me busy the entire day, my social life has really suffered, ;). Then I get home and have various things going on and am just pooped. Needless to say I have been rotating things to and from the back burner. Anyway I am feeling better now and want to post a ton of updates so you all know I am alive and wellish and so I can log and journel life as I know it. Their are two things that really helped me out of my endless funk. 1) I took a trip to CA to see my girlfriends. I will have a special post about the trip and all the fun we had later. It was really good to have some time to center myself and talk and confide with my friends and to remember what is really important in life. Upon my return to normal life things picked up exactly where they left off at and I continued to struggle each day. 2) Finally I came to the realization that this is just life and I will always be in the thick of it and was just trying to survive. I am a yellow personality and was drowning and could not swim to save my life. THE END. Or so I thought. I had lunch that same week with two of my dear friends from way back when who are also yellow personalities. I confideded in them and they made sense of everything I was feeling. It was such a relief! I felt like they were putting into words what my heart has been screaming for months. They had been there and done that. They walked and talked me through it and it made sense. Both of these experiences were seriously an answer to my very heartfelt prayers lately. It is possible to still be spunky in life and not so crazy. I just need to remember who I am, not let my job define me, take care of myself, and put my family first. All of simple right. LOL It will forever be a work in progress to balance all that I have on my plate in this life. It is not always easy but what I never want to forget from the lesson here is that I am ME and I am AWESOME and I can't let stupid stuff get in the way of me forgetting that.

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  1. I'm glad you're doing better. It's amazing when we have those moments where someone says something that just puts everything into perspective for us. I'm glad you had that.

    And I'm so glad I got to see you while you were here!


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