Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kidnapped Friends in Town & Conference

Jim and Rebecca came home with us and we had a blast. We caught up on sleep from our trip to CA and just relaxed. Rebecca and I did a lot of thrift shopping and we got to try a few new restaurants and cook up some yummy food around the house. 
We had breakfast one morning with The Utah Christensen's, not to be confused with the CA Christensen's. Roan loved playing with their toys. We listened to conference and played some games as we listened. It was fun. I got some conference tickets and we got to attend the last Sunday session. 
It was a first for Jim and Rebecca. I was disappointed in the lack of protesters around the Conference Center. Only because I talked it up and their really weren't that many. That is a good thing I guess. Rebecca and I did have our picture taken by one of the Ensign guys so look for us in the next issue. Doubt we will make the cut but wouldn't that be rad if we did. I have been in the Church News before, that will be a story for later. So how cool would that be if I got in the Ensign too. 

We took pics around the temple afterwards and rode the train back home. 

Jim is keeping an eye out for the one protester we did see. LOL

We had a lot of fun with our friends that came home with us. I cried when they left. It is so nice to see my best friends but always so sad when we have to part for a time again. However, I feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends, these girls make life awesome and especially more than ever.
 Love my friends so much. 

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