Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Body, New Clothes

I am finally going clothes shopping after losing my weight. I have been able to maintain my weight for a few months now so I feel safe buying new clothes for this new body. Here are some things I got
New shirt and pants from Old Navy. Buying pants is still hard because I am so tall. 
A Downeast Basic top from DI. :)
My Savers Collection outfit I created. I love thrift shopping. The ladies in the store told me that the mustard yellow was too bold but I love it. 
This is a skirt and tops I got from DI. I love them both. Wasn't sure what top looks better with the skirt
here is that same top with a different skit.

This outfit is my favorite of all. I found this skirt at Downeast Basics and loved it but I have never paid full price for a skirt before so for the next month I would visit that same store once a week until it came down on the price. Finally it did but I still feel like I was spoiling myself just getting it from the actual store rather than a thrift store. I get more of my clothes from thrift stores because it is so hard to want to spend any money on myself, unless it is food, so buying cheap helps me actually buy stuff for myself. LOL. I found the top at Target on sale for $4. BOO-YAH! Anyway. I love this outfit. It is my Fall gift to myself. 


  1. Looking good, I did wonder were you stole the new body from but alas I was wrong you didn't steal it you created it and that is bloody marvelous


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