Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Festivities

I love the Fall. Here are a few of my favorite things....

The leaves are just stunning. It is like spring flowers blooming but in the trees. 
Yummy new recipies, here are a few I made with spaghetti squash
Beautiful natural decorations
Cute sleeping boys. Okay...this is a year round thing. 
Bundled up boys
Raking leaves. Yes we got a family set. We took some amazing pictures too. I will share later on. I have a few I am going to enter into a contest so I can't share yet. 
Tall little boys...Okay...another thing that comes year round but still cute. 
Pumpkins, decorating them, and eating their seeds

One of the best parts is Halloween and dressing up. 
Here is our little Werewolf :)

I was a fighter but people thought I was a Zombie....I don't see it either. I had a real costume but didn't take many pics with it on. 
Donuts, especially pumpkin
I am going to go on a soapbox here and talk about Donuts in Utah. 
Here is the ranking for best donuts in the world. 
1. Banbury
2. Winchell's
3. Dunford
So there...Utah does not run on Dunkin or Krispy Kreme, at least Stephanie doesn't. 

More of the cute werewolf

He was a champ when it came to putting his makeup on. He was seriously born to be a model. 
These guys make any season great. :)
Our local firefighters came to the Hone Depot while we were shopping there. Roan got to play with the truck which he loved once he got past being shy. 

I just love the Fall and all that it has to offer! Yes even the cold. :)

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  1. Cutest werewolf EVER.

    You totally look like a fighter and NOT a zombie.


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