Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Roan is 5 years old this Thursday!!!! Oh Man I cannot believe how time has flown but I love every minute with this fun, silly, caring little boy. The older he gets the cooler he gets. I love how his mind works and all the fun things he shares with us that he is thinking about. The last year I have logged a couple of those thing here. Enjoy!

Mom I'm a child of God but people in primary call me a Sunbeam

Hug yourself as he hold Liv's arms to her chest

Mom I have a surprise for you as he hands me things that belong to Grandma. Progressively more and more things that he randomly gets from around the house. TA DA

Picked up Roan from Daycare and he said, "Mom I like Lightning mCQueen but I don't have to watch it anymore. I am growing up."

Always looking on the bright side. After wetting his pants he says, "At least my shirt is still clean." ;)

I like my friend Mary but I don't want to marry her

On the phone he doesn't know what to say so he tells people on the other line what is in the room currently. Food, tv, baby sister.

He moves his shoulders all super cute like when we play dance dance revolution

Loves to tell me stories. One day I kept the radio off in the car and he told me these wild stories. One was about a planet earth and people dressed in white and aliens and Jesus, essentially it was the plan of salvation. Then he told me about Planet Trailer and Cat Car Planet. It was pretty rad,

Starts sentences with "Actually".

When I give him a task he repeats task to me as if it was his idea.
Please go  brush your teeth and go potty then we will read a story. Mom how about I go get ready for bed then we can read a story.

Likes to give out assignments. I will go brush my teeth while you watch baby sister. 

Be sure to drive safe Mom and don't hit any cars or mailboxes. 

Smart Alec-Roan still needs to be wiped after pooping. One time he said he was done and I told him it would be a minute since I was feeding baby sister and he replied, "Can Dad do it. He's not feeding baby sister." Another time when I told him it would be a minute he responded, "Can someone who's not feeding baby sister come wipe me." Since I wrote this he has learned to wipe himself. And he can pee standing up too. 

Cars eat gas and houses eat people

I can't tell you right now its a long story.

Says EEE but he means WE.

You've got to see this!!! Or You are not going to believe this!! Or you've got to be kidding me!!!

I'm just chilling with Grandma in the kitchen.

How many of these do we have left.
When the sacrament was passed he asked the deacon how much water they had left. Time and a place buddy!

I had a dream last night about Willie Wonkie. 

Always giving commentary about what sister is doing and thinking. 

When I ask him what he did at Daycare today he gives a big sigh and the lists everything. 

Roan also does this cute thing where everyone has a their own voice when he is sharing stories about preschool. 

Roan is such a good big brother. We do have to remind him often to be gentle but he is so considerate of Liv and looks out for her all the time. He is so good at making her laugh and trying to make her feel better. 

He has such a fun imagination. I am always finding these hilarious set ups with his toys.  

Here he told me there is a race going on and all the other cars are watching and the airplanes are flying over it at the end of the race. 
Making trains with the cars complete with people and animals. 
 This tiger was in his cage
 Love his smile
 He loves to care for animals
 Morning snuggles
Happy 5th Birthday Roan!! We love you
We moved into our home June 2013. Since then I have taken a picture of Roan on this wooden made chair in our yard. It is crazy to see how he has grown. 

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  1. How is he already turning five????

    Such a cute boy!


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