Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Gotta love winter time!!
We enjoyed the Christmas season with family and friends. We ended up having a super long weekend because of work holidays and I loved it. I really tried to relax and not stay too busy. Plus I got a lot of my holiday prep and shopping done super early. Way to be on top of it Stephanie. This really allowed me to chill and just enjoy these sweet moments. We had a lot of days just sticking around the house watching movies, playing games, and seeing how long we can stay in our PJs. 

We did an early Christmas with Lars Dad and then spent Christmas Eve and morning with Lars Mom. We spent Christmas dinner with my family. 

I have pic somewhere of Roan in this exact same chair about the same age. 
She had a rough night but was so peaceful in the morning

Love our Christmas breakfast tradition
And Liv loves it too

Roan got some awesome toys
I continued my silly autographed pic for my work gift exchange

I love her face
Star Wars Rogue One came out a week before Christmas and we were so excited about it
I got a new shirt and we got to see it 3-4 times

I did this really fun favorites gift exchange with a group of friends and was able to meet up with one of them. It was so nice to visit with you Amy. :)
I went to see Jim Gaffigan with Bonnie and Glenn. I LOVED IT!!!!

Our church had a #lighttheworld advent calendar. We enjoyed doing something each day to remind us to be more like Jesus. 
I got my nails done
We set up the tree really high so Liv couldn't get to it but that didn't stop her from trying. LOL

I got a new vaccum. Oh man we have had the same one for 13 years so this was an awesome family gift that doesn't suck, or does it!! LOL

We loved playing outside when we could stand the cold. 

Our snow blob!!

New Years Eve we met up with some friends and ate delicious food and played games. The kids were good to keep themselves entertained. We had them watch the ball drop on Netflix then went home to bed by 10 pm. LOL We are getting so old. I love it. 

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